Oyinbo Man Who Sent His 21-Year-Old Black Student Lover N374m Defends Himself, Says Her Tiny Waist Caused It
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Oyinbo Man who Sent his 21-Year-Old Black student lover N374m Defends Himself, Says Her Tiny Waist Caused it

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Oyinbo Man who Sent his 21-Year-Old Black student lover N374m Defends Himself, Says Her Tiny Waist Caused it

The Belgian businessman who dominated headlines for wiring millions to his lovers’ ban accounts said he is not involved in any money-laundering syndicate

Marc De Mesel noted for Felesta Nyamathira’s case, her beauty and lovely waist drove him into gifting the money

Mesel and Nyamathira also welcomed a baby in February this year and they want the government to unfreeze their bank accounts

The controversial Belgian man who has been grabbing headlines since 2021 for giving three Kenyan women millions of money is now defending himself against money-laundering allegations.

Marc de Mesel explained, in court documents that especially for the 21-year-old college student Felesta Nyamathira, he gave the KSh 106 million (N374 million) as a gift because he was enamoured by her beauty.

According to a report by the People Daily, the billionaire businessman listed Felesta’s striking beauty, wasp waist and her unconditional love for him as part of the reasons he deposited the hefty amount of cash into her bank accounts.

“That striking beauty in her, as well as her wasp-waist, drove me into giving her that amount of money. Out of my sheer love for her; I am even ready to do anything that can please and make her live comfortably,” Messel said in papers he filed in court.

In the papers, the wealthy Oyinbo man denied allegations that he was involved in an international money-laundering racket further stating his wealth was clean.
Marc De Mesel’s lovers

It is also emerging that the three women who received the millions knew each other and lived in proximity to each other.

Interestingly, Sarah Wambui Kamanda, Tebby Wambuku Kago and Nyamathira who is Messel’s favourite all had children with the Mzungu man.

They had each introduced the foreigner to their relatives as “my husband”.

In an affidavit, Nyamathira protested the freezing of her account by the government saying it was against her child’s right.

She and her lover welcomed a baby in February this year.

“That the said Marc de Messel, who is my boyfriend, is a reputable and internationally-known investor. Famous for his early publicly-announced investments in Bitcoin in 2013 and Tesla in 2019,” she said.
Lovely dance video of an Oyinbo man and his pregnant black lover

Meanwhile, Legit previously reported that a lovely video of an Oyinbo man and his pregnant black woman dancing had melted hearts.

In the beautiful video which was shared on TikTok by @mayitestoyan, the Oyinbo man and his pregnant wife were spotted dancing heartily to Overd*ose hit song by Mavin crew.

The interracial couple changed their outfits at intervals while looking at themselves and gushing over each other.

The Oyinbo man does not fail to express how proud he is to be with a black woman whom he loves so much.

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