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I Paid a Surprise Visit to My Daughter in School, But What I saw In Her Room Broke Me (Fiction)

I met my handsome husband Ken while I was in the university, he was one of the most intelligent students in my level, and that was what attracted me to him. Our love was so strong and we continued our relationship after school. We eventually got married and started living our lives as young couples. We had our first child, a baby girl and we trained her up in the way of the lord. She grew up to also become a very intelligent young lady. She was the only child we had so we made sure we trained her in the best way we could as a loving parent.

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At the age of 17 she had already gotten admission into the university and that was one of the hardest things for us as parents. We finally prepared her for school and said prayers, I had also spoken to her about the kinds of things she should and shouldn’t do. We followed her down to her hostel and spoke to some of her roommates, they were all lovely children.

We left and always kept in touch with our daughter by calling and texting her. Then when she got into 200 level she had gotten very used to the school system and we were not too worried like we used to. However, one afternoon after we came back from church, my husband brought an idea up. He asked if we could pay a surprise visit to our daughter since it had been a very long time since we saw her. We planned to go the next Sunday, and we bought a lot of things for her.

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The day came and we headed for her schools hostel. Her university was 4 hours from our place, so we left early. We got there, located her hostel, we walked in holding all the things we bought for her. We wanted to knock before we entered, but we noticed that the door was not locked. We just pushed the door, and what we saw our daughter doing just shocked us and it broke my heart. I saw my daughter smoking. With shock the packages I was holding fell from my hands. She was shocked, and I began to cry. I couldn’t believe that my daughter who I trained well picked up a very dirty habit. I was broken.

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