PAINFUL EXIT OF LEGENDS! 4 Dead Nollywood Actors Who Had Made Impact In The Movie Industry


Adding spice and fun to movie sequences is a way of easing Nigerians’ daily tension, and Nigerian comedic actors and actresses have proven to be equal to the task.

The Nigerian movie industry has long produced so many celebrities who have excelled at their respective careers, as a result of this, they are remembered and loved even after they have passed away. With the untimely demise of comedic actor Baba Suwe, I have taken a journey down memory lane to recollect the original fathers of the Nigerian movie industry who made the entertainment industry fun with their comic roles.

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Lukuluku Bantashi

Lukuluku Bantashi, as it was known in the Yoruba industry was one of the best Yoruba film comic actors of all time. Lukuluku reigned throughout his time, with the late Baba Suwe, Dejo Tunfulu, and several others. Lukuluku Bantashi has appeared in films such as Itunu, Ami orun, among many others. He reportedly passed away in 1995.

Sam Loco Efe

Sam Loco Efe was one of Nollywood’ s most outstanding comedy actors. He was noted for making people laugh endlessly in the films in which he starred. Sam Loco was famous for his savage statements and way of speaking. He died on August 11, 2007.

James Iroha aka Gringory

Even though this legendary comedian and actor are no longer living, we can’ t stop remembering him. James Iroha was a cast member on the classic show ” The New Masquerade. ”

Baba Sala

Moses Olaiya Adejumo, better known as Baba Sala, was a great Nigerian comedian and actor. Baba Sala was widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the modern Nigerian movie industry.

Baba Sala began his entertainment career as a Highlife singer, creating the Federal Rhythm Dandies in 1964, in which he trained and mentored juju music genius King Sunny Ade. Baba Sala passed away in October 2018.

Baba Suwe

Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe was a veteran Yoruba actor and comedian who died lately. He began acting in 1971 and rose to fame after appearing in the film Omolasan. His charisma, individuality, and humor opened the path for many others to follow.


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