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Painful Story Of A 13 Years Old Girl Who is Slowly Turning Into Stone Due To Her Rare Skin Condition


Life have dealt with a lot of people in different ways, some how seen the good side of life while some have been dealt with the bad side of life. Most people were born with silver spoon and good health but some were born with a sickness that are life threatening.

This is the story of Devine A 13 years old girl who is slowly turning into stone.

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She is called ‘’devine’’ and most people in her society keep calling her names like dinosaur, beast and many others.

Her father who was identified as ‘Deo’ say that both him and his wife have no idea where the sickness came from but it has totally ruined their lives, According to him they had never been at peace ever since their daughter started looking like a stone.

According to the parents she is their first and only daughter and who was born normally but right after 3 months of birth, her skin started changing to the extent that the sickness affected every part of her body.

Because of her condition people call her names and even in school although other pupils sit in pairs she sits alone because of the way she smells. She is always quiet in class and tops every exam.


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