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Painful Story Of 22-Year Old Girl Who Does Not Talk, Stand, Walk But Crawls

It is indeed discouraging to see individuals with strange ailments go through torments. How can a human be created by God crawl with the stomach instead of walking like a human?

This is the excruciating story of a 22-year-old young lady named ‘Jackline’ who has an unusual condition that makes her not to talk, stand or sit rather she slithers with her stomach. Some Individuals are experiencing bizarre ailments that will keep you pondering. Do you think her condition can be treated physically or traditionally?

As indicated by the mother, the young lady was brought into the world as a normal human, yet when she got to the stage of sitting like a kid she saw that the young lady can’t sit.

She also found out that her girl’s spinal cord is faulty and can’t uphold her if she wants to sit down. At the point when she got to two years, she began creeping even until she was 4 years of age. It was a pitiful second for the mother to see her young girl creep like a creature.

She likewise tried giving her proper medications and treatment to stop that strange ailment yet it didn’t work out. As indicated by her, Jackeline crawls around the entire town since she can’t sit in one spot which made harassers Insult her.

She loves visiting places, meeting new people. Many people say a lot of bad things to her concerning her condition. Her mother makes sure she is well taken care of, she washes her clothes at all times.

The young lady’s condition is sorrowful, what would you be able to say about this young lady? Is her problem spiritually inclined?


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