PALAVAR NO DEY FINISH! ! See What Recently Happened To Popular Nigerian Actor In America


Many people were shocked when they learned how much money Nino, a Nigerian actor, was charged by a barber in America after he completed trimming his hair.

According to a photo published on his official Instagram account by a prominent Nigerian online celebrity, King Tunde Ednut, the Nigerian actor Nino went to a barbershop in America to trim his hair. As we all know, some men are obsessed with looking nice all of the time, and one method to do so is to get a great haircut.


A good haircut not only makes a man look good, but it also makes him appear appealing and responsible. This is one of the reasons why many men are constantly cautious and seek out the best barbers in town. According to the video, the Nigerian actor was ecstatic after the barber completed cutting his hair since he had received the type of hairdo he desired. He couldn’ t contain his joy as he lavished accolades on the barber for a job well done.


After the barber brushed away the little hair particles from his neck and untied his apron, the Nigerian actor stood up, reached into his pocket, and handed the man a $100 bill. The young man accepted the money and thanked him for visiting his barbershop. Nino stood for a few moments, hoping the man would change his mind. The barber, on the other hand, informed him that his haircut would cost $100.


The Nigerian actor raged and demanded to know why he hadn’ t told him before he started working on the project. He claimed that $100 was the equivalent of N56000 in Nigeria and that it was too much for a single haircut.


Following my viewing of this photo, various thoughts rushed through my head, and I began to ask myself questions such as: why is the cost of a single haircut so high? Why didn’ t he inquire about the pricing before getting his hair cut? What would have occurred if he had brought less money with him? To put it another way, $100 equals around N56000 in Nigeria, which is enough to feed a small family for two weeks.

As you can see in the screenshots below, people have already reacted:

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Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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