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Palm Wine Tapper Stabs Friend Because He Dreamt And Saw Him Sleeping With His Wife

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A 45-year old palm wine tapper have been nabbed for stabbing a friend to death in the bush.

According to a report by rainbowradioonline, the suspect upon his arrest confessed that he stabbed and killed his friend because he saw him in his dream sleeping with his wife.

He said his dreams always come true and he couldn’t risk waiting for the dream to manifest before taking action.

The suspect is said to have stabbed another person the following day over claims that this victim treated him unfairly in his dream and that he was also part of the challenges facing the community.

The report stated that this victim fortunately survived the attack and has been receiving treatment at the hospital.

As a way of exacting the full measure of his action, Desco is reported to have gone on to stab the second son of his second victim, an act he confessed to when he was eventually arrested.


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