Parents, Before You Cut Your Baby’s Hair For The First Time, Read This! ! !


There are several myths associated with the first cut, but are they real? Is there really an ideal age to cut a baby’ s hair for the first time? Discover several issues related to this subject that bring so many questions to mothers and fathers.

When should a baby’ s hair be cut for the first time?

Some babies are born with a lot of hair and others are born with very little. The color and amount of hair the baby has at birth are not definitive as the first hair will fall out little by little to make way for a stronger and thicker one, so it is rare that you need to cut it much before 10 or 12 months. But it happens, so the decision to cut the baby’ s hair will depend on the parents’ wishes. However, many first- time parents wonder when they should cut their baby’ s hair.


Hair, like your baby’ s skin, is very delicate for the first few months, but you can get it cut without problems when you see fit. Many babies lose their first hair only in some areas of the head, leaving areas more hairless than others. This way, there will be no problem if you straighten your baby’ s hair all the way through shortly after birth. However, before cutting it, parents must take into account some safety measures and also forget about certain myths that circulate around this first haircut for the baby.

Many people still believe in the legend that you shouldn’ t cut your baby’ s hair until it’ s one year old, because otherwise it will either lose strength or it will take longer to say its first words, or it will take longer to start crawling. Myths that actually don’ t have any scientific proof, but that must nevertheless be respected if this is the parents’ belief.


Either way, you can cut your baby’ s hair at any time because even his health without its development will not be affected in any way. Therefore, the timing of the first haircut will depend on the characteristics of each baby. Some babies are born with hair and in a few weeks it falls unevenly, leaving ‘ small baldness’ , especially in the area where it rests on the pillow. It’ s the time when some parents want to give their baby their first haircut to match all the hair. Other parents consider that their baby has a lot of hair and if it’ s hot season, they prefer to cut or even shave to make them feel more comfortable. And in this subject of shaving the baby’ s hair, the myth circulates that by doing so, the hair will grow stronger.

How to cut baby’ s hair?

There is a fear of hurting the baby if the parent cuts it, but often parents also do not want to take the baby to the hairdresser for fear that the professional does not understand what to do, or that they do not know the best way. to do it without hurting, or even for not having adequate facilities for a baby.


As some babies are startled by the sound of haircutting machines, it’ s best to do this with round- tipped scissors that cut well. Safety is the first thing to not hurt the baby and it is best to do it with someone’ s help. One to hold the baby’ s head and make sure he doesn’ t make any sudden movements and another person to cut his hair. Parents should also choose a time that they know is most relaxing for the baby so that it is easier and less dangerous.


You can dampen the length of hair, straighten it carefully with a comb and cut. If you do it at home, it’ s natural that it won’ t be too right. When your baby is older or has a lot of hair, it’ s a good idea to go to a professional to get a good cut. Take your favorite toy and try to entertain him because it’ s not easy to keep him quiet long enough.

Cutting your baby’ s hair at home can be done when your baby’ s hair is thin and thin or when you just need to trim the ends.


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