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Pastor Kumuyi Warns That Good Works And Good Behaviour Won’t Take You To Heaven, There’s Only 1 Way

There are many people who claim that they are going to heaven because of the things that they do on earth, they believe that there are numerous ways to access the kingdom of God. I personally have talked with several Christians who don’t value salvation. They see salvation as a secondary means to make it to heaven and I honestly don’t agree with his mindset.

If you are conversant with your bible, you will remember that they were was a passage that told the story about the ruler Nicodemus. Nicodemus went to Jesus in the middle night and asked him about something special, he asked Jesus the way to the kingdom of heaven and Jesus replied to him plainly if you are not born again, you cant make it into the kingdom of heaven. God didn’t tell him to feed the poor or give bread to the masses or even heal the sick, he clearly told him that salvation was the only way to the kingdom of God.


Some people even pastors prioritize worldly status and engage in philanthropic works just to be in the Lord’s Book of Life. The Lord appreciates all this and encourages us to be better humans but if we keep on doing this without salvation, the Lord won’t allow us to enter his Kingdom. What does salvation mean? it means to be born again and the steps are very easy if you put your mind to it.

According to Pastor Kumuyi, you first need to acknowledge the fact that you are a sinner and genuinely confess them to the Lord. Do not give the Lord reasons for being a sinner, just confess and ask Him to forgive you. You now have to believe in the powers of god and confess to him as your Lord and personal savior. If you can do all this from the bottom of your heart then that’s the only way you can make it to the kingdom of the lord. I am not saying you should stop your good works or stop practicing good behavior, but that alone can not secure a place in the sweet and lovely heavens.

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