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My Pastor Who Officiated My Wedding In 1993, Did This After 27 Years

It is beneficial to express gratitude to God on a consistent basis. God’s blessings are never in short supply for those who are grateful. After 27 years of marriage, a man takes to social media to offer a heartwarming testimonies of his wife. When people talk of marriage, my heart is filled with happiness. It’s a nice thing to be married; every couple’s aim in marriage is to have children, live a healthy lifestyle, maintain financial stability, maintain a happy household, and share future celebrations with their children. This is a portion of the man’s testimony that you will be reading about later in this article.

After 27 years of marriage, a Twitter account with the name “@BrotherMighty” shares what happened recently in his life after 27 years of marriage. The information he provided on his blog is about how his pastor performed his marriage in May 1993, when they were still meeting in a tiny room with a limited number of people to worship. Afterwards, 27 years later, after the Church had grown to a significant size congregation, the same man of God presided at his daughter’s wedding. God alone deserves all the praise for making it possible for this man to see such a moving testimony.

The pastor wrote, “In May 1993, my pastor conducted my wedding in a modest home room with only a handful of individuals in attendance.” My daughter’s wedding was performed by him 27 years later. I am really grateful. It is wonderful to see Thy steadfastness.”

It is, without a doubt, an impressive testimony. God always keeps his promises; he never makes a promise and then doesn’t follow through on it. When it comes to the life of his children, His word is unwavering. It was the man’s dream and belief that, with the grace of God, a moment like this would come about. Here’s a vintage shot of him and his wife from years ago.

Following the publication of the post, individuals were even more enthused and grateful to God. It’s not easy to be in the presence of such gifts. See what folks had to say about it in the comments section.


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