Pastor Resigned From The Church After His Sh0cking Scandals Revealed. -

Pastor Resigned From The Church After His Sh0cking Scandals Revealed.

Screenshot 2021 09 13 at 00 11 27 Pastor Resigned From The Church After His Sh0cking Scandals Revealed

Rev Mthunzi Shabalala has left without saying goodbye to Bishop Nhlapho’s church, Durban branch because he will have to appear before a disciplinary committee for his actions. According to an inside source, Shabalala was dating a woman from Umlaza whose name was withheld to protect the child.

“It is alleged that they started dating her in 2018 and the following year they had a baby. All these years they kept the matter secret because she was still in love with the girl. According to the source, Shabalala fled the church and set up his own Eagle Mountain Prophetic Church in Empangeni today.

Contacted by Shabalala, he admitted he had two months left at GNF but declined to comment on the child’s case.

“I don’t want to talk about that. Ask those people who told you that and I hope they have the full details,” Shabalala said. Quoted in a speech he gave on his GNF TV and Isolezwe On Saturday, the church’s founder, Bishop ND Nhlapho, confirmed that Shabalala was no longer part of the church because of his obscenities.

“The pastor came to say goodbye to GNF, that was good. I also released him.” He said Shabalala also went to see Rev SD Gumbi who came to him with his mother and child. He said that was where Shabalala was cleansed by having an affair with a church member.

“We were expecting him as a holy church, and we said he would apologize to the church. Then he decided he was leaving.” Nhlapho said the brothers should not be surprised if they felt that the GNF did not support him because they did not want to associate with Shabalala’s immorality.

“We are not just talking about a man but a two-year-old boy who was in hiding. He did not go well, he ran away and said he would not start his own church,” Nhlapho concluded. Attempts to get comment from Nhlapo and the child’s mother were unsuccessful. According to a statement sent to Isolezwe on Saturday, the church board decided not to allow a GNF member to comment to the media on Shabalala’s case, “not even the bishop. However, we respect the media for doing their job properly … ”


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