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Pennsylvania Postal Worker Admits Fabricating Fraud Allegations Cited By Trump Campaign, Bill Barr, And Lindsey Graham In Call For Investigations


Richard Hopkins, an Erie, Pennsylvania postal worker, fabricated allegations that his supervisor instructed employees to backdate ballots, accusations picked up by the Trump administration, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Attorney General Bill Barr, who gave unprecedented orders to DOJ prosecutors to investigate voter fraud.
The revelations come as Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede the election, won by Joe Biden by thousands of votes in multiple states.
The Washington Post reports: “On Monday, Hopkins, 32, told investigators from the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General that the allegations were not true, and he signed an affidavit recanting his claims….The Erie postmaster, Rob Weisenbach, called the allegations ‘100% false” in a Facebook post and said they were made ‘by an employee that was recently disciplined multiple times.’”

BREAKING NEWS: Erie, Pa. #USPS whistleblower completely RECANTED his allegations of a supervisor tampering with mail-in ballots after being questioned by investigators, according to IG.

— Oversight Committee (@OversightDems) November 10, 2020

#USPS IG investigators informed Committee staff today that they interviewed Hopkins on Friday, but that Hopkins RECANTED HIS ALLEGATIONS yesterday and did not explain why he signed a false affidavit.

— Oversight Committee (@OversightDems) November 10, 2020

Hopkins’s allegations were first aired by Project Veritas, according to the WaPo.
Back in August, The New Republic reported on Project Veritas’s plans to steal the election by delegitimizing mail-in balloting.
They reported (full article at link): “For well over a year, Project Veritas has been secretly producing undercover stings designed to undermine the integrity of absentee and mail-in ballot counts—an endeavor codenamed ‘Diamond Dog,’ according to documents we have obtained. Diamond Dog began as only one facet of Project Veritas’s 2020 rat-f**king strategy, but with the onset of the pandemic, which has made in-person voting a dicey proposition, it has since become one of the group’s top-line action items.”
A GoFundMe campaign in Hopkins’s name has raised more than $136,000 as of this posting.
Wrote Hopkins in the money beg: “I am uncertain of what the future holds for me but I felt the public had a right to know what is really going on. Your donations are going to help me in the case I am wrongfully terminated from my job or I am forced into resigning due to ostrizization by my coworkers. It will help me get a new start in a place I feel safe and help me with child support until I am able to get settled and get a job.”
Hopkins’s video, from Project Veritas:

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