People Who Have These 3 Attitudes Always End Up Poor and Miserable, Don’t Be Like Them

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Poverty usually starts from the mind. If you are the kind of person that lacks the proper ideology or mentality, you might end up being poor no matter your level of education, exposure and even the amount of money given to you by friends and well wishers.

A poor man is not poor most times because of the amount of money or lack of opportunities but because he has shaped his mind in a wrong and inappropriate way. So, it is always important to watch yourself, so that poverty won’t come to you like a thief in the night. To further buttress this fact, we are going to have a look at some of the wrong attitudes that potential poor people always have.

  1. Never Take Risks; one common trait amongst poor people is inability to take risks. Most poor people find it hard to risk the little they have because of the non-existent fear that the one they have might be lost in the process. Not knowing that there is no way you can be rich without taking risks, life itself is a risk and as such, I see no reason why you should be afraid of taking risks too much. If you have this attitude to life, please drop it before it makes you poor.

  2. See The Difficult Side of Every Endeavour; another common trait among poor people in every society is unnecessary fright or pessimism. Most unsuccessful people have this attitude, if you show them something that can fetch them some money and potentially lift them up from mud, the first thing that strikes them, is the difficult side of the activity. Instead of seeing the rewarding aspect of any endeavour, poor people often see the difficulties. If you have this ideology or attitude towards life, drop it while you still can. It can make you poor.

  3. Envious of Other Successful People; this is another attitude that can render you useless or male you a nobody in life. It is common amongst poor people, they always envy others and pray for the downfall of others, not knowing that nature doesn’t work that way. The more you pray for other people’s downfall, the more you go down and crash. So endeavour to throw away this attitude if you really care about making it in life.

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