"People Don't Know I'm Not As Rich As They Think" - Obi Cubana (Video) - Mc Ebisco "People Don't Know I'm Not As Rich As They Think" - Obi Cubana (Video) - Mc Ebisco

“People Don’t Know I’m Not As Rich As They Think” – Obi Cubana (Video)

Many people have the thought that Obi Cubana, the popular business tycoon, is enormously rich because of the extravagant burial party he staged for his mother few days ago. To clear the air, Obi Cubana was interviewed by BBC News Pidgin today. During the interview, he talked about himself and how people think about him.

Chief Obi Cubana said that people don’t know him too well. He said, “people don’t know I’m not as rich as they think”. To finalize this, he said there’s no money anywhere but he keeps surviving by the grace of God.

He also talked about the kind of friends he keeps. He said he doesn’t like addressing those he trained as ‘boys’. He said he prefers calling them ‘men’ because they have really done what’s expected of every man.

Obi Cubana further stressed that those who were seen spending money lavishly at his mother’s burial are products of those he was generous too when he made money years ago.


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