People Laughed At Me For Marrying A Poor Mechanic, But 3 Weeks Later, They Regretted It (Fiction)

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My name is Rebecca and all my life, I’ve found it difficult to get someone to love and cherish me for who I am. All the different men I loved and dated always ended up using and dumping me. I was broken inside and did everything I could to find my Mr right. I was in my early 30’s and old age would soon be knocking on my door.

All my siblings were happily married even the ones I’m older than. I was mocked and ridiculed by my peers and even my own mother for not being able to find a good man and settle down. However, something miraculous happened to me during the lockdown last year. I met a man called Stanley who was able to put a smile on my face, he was a handsome, kind and 35 years old single guy. But the only problem was that, he was a poor mechanic who struggled to make ends meet.

We met each other online and he opened up to me that he was just a mechanic. I was thrilled by his honesty and straight forwardness so I quickly a started to catch feelings. We dated for about 3 months, and then he proposed. At first I was confused and didn’t know what to do. Whether to accept his marriage proposal or not, but I was sure about the fact that I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

My family, friends and loved ones made fun of me after they found out about my involvement with Stanley the roadside mechanic. They we’re really disappointed in me but I choose to ignore all the insults and ridicule. Stanley and I had a very private church wedding ceremony with almost none of my family members in attendance because they were ashamed of me. We moved to his tiny one bedroom apartment and started our life as a married couple.

However, after just 3 weeks of getting married, something miraculous happened. My mechanic husband won a 90 million naira lottery and that was it. Our life changed and transformed for the better. The news spread around town like wildfire. My family and friends heard about it as well and they started calling me but I ignored all of them. My husband and I moved to a brand new and well house, we also bought a car and started a very good business as well. We will definitely not be poor again in this life.
Moral lesson.

Never you look down on anyone, or make fun of their sad situation. Nobody can predict the future, only God.

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