When A Person Starts Coughing During Eating, Don’t Give Him Water, This is What You Should Do




When A Person Starts Coughing During Eating, Don’t Give Him Water, This is What You Should Do.

Dear Nigerians, if a person starts coughing during eating, it’s likely because a piece of food has entered their airway.

Let them cough it out, it’s the body’s way of clearing the windpipe.





Don’t just rush to give them water to drink, you might make things worse.

Here’s why?

In your throat are two pipes, one leading to the lungs that exchange the air and the other to the stomach for food. They both have a common entrance at the back of your throat.

There is a flap on the pipe that is over the pipe that sends air to the lungs called the epiglottis.

It stops food or water from getting to the lungs. That is why when you swallow and talk at the same time food tends to enter that causes you to cough. That cough is simply trying to remove the particles of food that may have entered your windpipe.

You can’t stop it till it’s clear.

Giving them water to drink if food is in their windpipe is like pouring water on your bathroom floor when your toilet is blocked. It won’t work.

When they’re done coughing, they can drink water after.

If they can’t breathe or cough and look like they’re choking.

Act fast!

Give them 5 sharp blows to their back, use the heel of your hand, not your knuckles, upper back between the

shoulder blades.

If that doesn’t work, go behind them and wrap your hands above their navel and pull sharply inwards and upwards.

You might save a life.

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