Peter Gets Deafening Applause At Dunamis Church ServicePeter Gets Deafening Applause At Dunamis Church Service
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Peter Gets Deafening Applause at Dunamis Church Service

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Peter Gets Deafening Applause at Dunamis Church Service

Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has received a very deafening applause at the Dunamis Church.

In what has been considered to be one of the most thunderous responses by anyone at any public or religious gathering, the politician had been introduced as being present in the church when the entire church rose in unison with a loud applause.

For minutes, Obi stood still as the applause appeared to be endless.

As some ended their applause, Many new others started leaving the church to be electrified with praises and dances at the event.

The video of the event and the recognition has gone viral attracting many comments .

Many however expressed the hopes that the huge backing would translate to electoral assets.

Obi is believed to be popular among youths.

There is the belief that many who are now conscious of their permanent voters cards are doing so because of their desires to vote for Obi.

Obi however stands against a hard time in the country’s election because there appears to be no structure for election such as giving state governors, members of the National Assembly and other grassroots support that coup could make him president next year.

His supporters are claiming the candidate does not need any of those to get their votes.

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