PHOTOS: She Is A Dwarf But She Is A Famous Model And Fashionista In Nigeria, Meet Fatima Timbo

Everyone has something they are going through in life, some might be physical and some might be personal or spiritual but what is important is that despite their issues, they are still very strong and happy. All Countries have disabled people including Nigerians but most of them are still making their Country proud despite their condition.

In this article, we will be viewing Photos of a female dwarf who is now the envy of so many people because of her achievements. This Lady might be a dwarf but she is very educated and she is known all over the World.

Her name is Fatima Timbo and she is a Model and Fashionista, she is also very beautiful and she is blessed with a great body. She is not ashamed of her size and she is not afraid to tell the World about her achievements.

Fatima who ventured into modelling after she completed her education is very famous and she is blessed with beauty and brain.

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Let’s check out some photos of Fatima

What do you think of Fatima and her fashion style, Isn’t she pretty?

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