PHOTOS: Military Officer Caught Another Girl With Her Boyfriend, See What She Angrily Did To The Lady After.

One of the people that should be scared of in this world are the military men. The fear of a millitary man is the beginning of wisdom because doing anything to hurt them might end up to be something brutal and this is the case of a lady who has been seriously beaten by a female military officer. She was beaten to stupor.

Reports claims that the military officer whose name was identified as Esonne Danielle Omgba has destroyed a girls lip who was dating her boyfriend after she met them together and got angry.

This sad incident happened in Yaounde, Cameroon. It was a bad girl for this lady who Esonne caught with her boyfriend at her bar. As Esonne met her boyfriend with another lady, she accused the lady of stealing her man after which she was found guilty. This made the military officer very annoyed and beat the lady so much that part of her lower lips got cut off.

Here are the pictures of the female military officer who got annoyed after she met her boyfriend with another girl and also, the picture of the lady she accused of dating her boyfriend;

This has however sparked up a lot of reactions as a lot of people are very much amazed by what the female military officer did to the lady whom she accused of dating her boyfriend.

Below are several ways people reacted to the actions of the military officer below;

What would you have done if you are the military officer? What would you have done if you are the lady who was accused? Do you think what the lady did was right? Share your sincere points of view with us.


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