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PHOTOS: Moment Ada Jesus’ Elder Sister, Undertakers & Others Danced To Her Husband’s House

It is no longer news that the popular comedienne who died on the 21st April after a cardiac arrest following from kidney complications would be laid to rest today in her matrimonial home.

As the norm with burial ceremonies, procession was held in honour of Ada Jesus, she was first dressed up in the mortuary where band boys, undertakers otherwise known as pall bearers, flower girls also known as wreath bearers, her elder sister who is dressed in red wrapper and white top, and her mother who dressed in a black gown danced amidst tears to carry her to her husband’s house where prayers or mass would be held briefly before she is committed to mother earth.


Ada Jesus’Elder Sister In Red Wrapper And White Blouse

Undertakers and Flower Girls In Procession


The comments section is being flooded with tears as we speak. Emotions are running high. It is still unbelievable that such a beautiful soul was lost to the cold hands of death.

We pray that the families and friends of Ada be highly comforted at this point.

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