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Photos: People Have Been Displaced By Floods In Unagboke Inyimagu Village In Ebonyi State, DETAILS

Many families in the village of Unagboke Inyimagu in Abakaliki in Ebonyi state are looking for a place to hide their heads as the floodwaters wash away their homes.

Many homes, including Churches and schools, were flooded.

The principal of Unagboke Primary School, Mrs. Bosa Clement, lamented that they could not attend school due to the floods, and said that they had suffered a great deal.

Igwe Emmanuel, an elder in the village, said the floodwaters came from an unfinished dam nearby, and called on the government to come to their aid.

Local villager Sunday Nwokpuru said his farm, rice and up to 100 acres had been washed away by the floods, adding that people had been displaced by the floods.

Obasi Peter, the city’s youth leader, called on the government to come to his aid.

OPINION: Government should come to their rescue so as to enable the children go back to school

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