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More Photos Of The Popular Actress Who Is Divorcing Her Husband After Just 2 Months Of Marriage

Just two months ago, popular actress Princess Shyngle was on cloud nine when she got married to the man whom she described as a long-term crush and childhood friend. She said she had a deep infatuation for him since eighth grade, but that he chose to remain friends until they got married.

Bala-Gaye had proposed to her in an apartment lit with candles and decorated with roses, a kind of setting any lady would love to have. Then she had taken to her Instagram account to announce that they had gotten married in a private ceremony.

Everyone thought it was the perfect marriage, a marriage that was made in heaven, until she announced that she has filed for divorce. And this came just two months after their marriage. You would wonder why people should divorce after just two terms of marriage, right! Well, we have seen worst cases where some marriages did not even last up to two months. But then, two months of marriage is still enough to trigger one’s anxiety.

Photos of Princess Shyngle:

Princess Shyngle accused her husband of domestic violence. She wrote on her Instagram story that since her husband wants to tell the world everything, he should tell them that he is a woman beater. She said that he should tell them that he lays his hands on women, and how he pulls out gun on a woman.

She said that the husband is a big mistake, and that she is divorcing him, and asked him to leave her alone. She said that she thinks her husband underestimated her, and that the drama is just getting started.

She posted audio of the husband begging her for forgiveness and admitting to laying hands on her.

Princess said that she has already prepared the divorce papers, that everything is signed and sealed, and that she has sent everything to the Gambia. She added that for weeks now, she has been begging that they should go their separate ways, and that she doesn’t want drama or the matter to get out there. But the man has been bitter and spiteful, and has been taking to Instagram to say different sorts of things about her.

Princess Shyngle is an Instagram sensation, and one impressive thing about her is that she is a really hardworking young lady who has been able to take advantage of her popularity on the gram to sell her products. She sells tummy trimmer on Instagram, and makes use of her near-perfect shape to advertise her product.

See some photos of her with her tummy trimmer:

People get divorced every time, but what appears surprising to some people in this case is getting divorced after just 2 months of marriage. But considering the reasons she gave, and the confirmation from her husband, then I think she took the right step.

Domestic violence should be a deal-breaker in relationships. We have seen people who were killed by their partners just because they could not detect the signs early enough and walk away. And for some people, even if they detected the signs, walking away becomes a really difficult thing to do because it takes a lot of strength to walk away, and some people do not have that strength.

Princess Shyngle’s strength is commendable. The husband has been begging her, which means he regrets his actions, but she is not ready for it anymore.

This should be a lesson to all men out there. A woman is supposed to be treated like an egg and not a punching bag. Cherish and appreciate your woman, because if she decides to walk away tomorrow, you may never win her back.

What do you think about the step this young lady has taken? Do you think it is proper for her to walk out of her marriage just two months after the marriage? Tell us what you think, and share the article so that others can contribute too.


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