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PHOTOS: Remember the Man Who Said” I Can’t Pay The Hospital Bills, This Child Is Too Ugly To Be Mine

A guy on Facebook call withheld currently published the photograph of his infant and he’s clearly in pains and grief as he doubts if he’s the proper father of the kid he’s spouse simply currently gave start to.

This man do not trust the mother of the kid he ask himself why the child is very ugly too much than because he’s not ugly is this child his child or the mother know the father.

See How According to him he stated the kid is simply too unpleasant to be his and he doesn’t wanna be given that’s the end result of his spouse,

being pregnant as he doubts his spouse had an affair outdoor that delivered approximately this infant and he threatened now no longer to settle the payments from the hospital.

This man cries out after seeing this miracle happen to him on why this could be happen under the ugly condition of the new baby born.

What can you say to this?


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