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PHOTOS: After Years Of Diligent Service, Dunamis Pastor Settles Peter Adeleke In A Mega Style

In life, diligence pays a lot. One is likely to be well rewarded when he does his work diligently. Sacrificing your effort in serving others is not a waste of time in most cases. It is an investment which must eventually pay if everything goes on normally.

The story of a young man by name Peter Adeleke, which is trending on social media is a clear evidence that diligence pays.


According to reports, Peter Adeleke has been serving the Assistant Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Church, Enugu Central Ministry, Pastor Paul Basil Iloegbouba, in his company for more than three years.

Adeleke who did not expect that his reward was coming bear sacrificed his efforts in Horizontal City Property Developers Ltd where he worked for the pastor with commitment, dedication and sacrifice.

Recently, luck eventually fell on him beyond his expectation and imagination when the pastor decided to settle him for the numbers of years he had served him.


The pastor reportedly offered him a new appointment as the new manager of the company’s branch in the city of Asaba, Delta State. The pastor also added a new car, a new office and equipment, fully paid for, and a new three bedroom flat.

“You deserve this, for having served me for three years plus, your dogged commitment, faithfulness and dedication to Horizontal City Property Developers Ltd. We have fully paid for your office and all the office equipment, paid for three bedroom apartments and you are now HORIZONTAL Branch Manager in the City of Asaba, Delta State. This car is yours, Mr Peter Adeleke. A big congratulations for being a Successful servant. We hereby send you forth in a joyful style…”

The young man who could not hold back his overwhelming joy, excitement and shock broke down in tears of joy.

This really shows that it pays to be diligent in whatever thing one finds himself doing.

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