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I Pity Igboho, Those Pushing Him Won’t Be There When It’s Time To Deal With Him- Lawyer Warns Igboho

A young lawyer who is identified as Abdullahi Olusunmade (@d_Advocate1) on Twitter has sounded what appears like a warning to Sunday Igboho.

Photos of the young man:

According to Olusunmade’s bio, he is a lawyer. In his bio, he wrote that he is obsessed with the criminal justice system, public service, good governance and HR activism, and forever in pursuit of justice.

He was replying to a report about Sunday Igboho saying that the Yoruba is no longer part of Nigeria. The young man believes some people are pushing Sunday Igboho to take these actions, and he expressed pity for him, saying that when the time comes for the authorities to deal with them, those that are pushing him now will not be there to help him.

In a statement which he made in Ibadan on Wednesday, the self-acclaimed freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, had proclaimed that Yoruba is no longer part of Nigeria.

He went further to make unproven claims that all the major institutions in the South-West are headed by Fulanis, and that soon all the borders in South-West will be opened for goods to be brought into the region.

He said that they are no longer safe in their homes, that they have leaders, but unfortunately, the leaders do not care about them, and that they do not want such leaders anymore.

He stated that soon they will hold meetings on how to open the borders so that food and other items can start coming into the region, and that they are no more under the Nigerian government, so all the borders that the Nigerian government closed will be opened.

He said that he is speaking on behalf of all Yoruba people, and they are ready for whatever the Nigerian government wants to do to them.

Speaking further, he said that the Yoruba people are now united, and that they have the backing of traditional rulers in Yorubaland.

He said that some people often say that Yoruba people are not united, and said that is not true. He said if you want to see that the Yorubas are united, then touch one of them, then you will know that they have the support of kings in Yorubaland.

He called on the Yoruba people living in the North to return home, and put an end to their oppression.

Many people have expressed worries over Sunday Igboho’s actions, with some saying that he is biting more than he can chew.

Some said that he is challenging the sovereignty of Nigeria, and perhaps he doesn’t know that there are dire consequences for such actions.

What do you think about the comment this lawyer made? Do you think the federal government will deal with Sunday Igboho because of what he has done, and do you believe there are people pushing him to do what he is doing now? Also, share the article so that others can contribute too.

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