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“Please Forgive Me”- We Attacked Wike’s Father Church To Get Recognition – Arrested Suspect Confessed.

It must be recalled that towards the tail end of last month, an incident happened in Rivers State, when the church of the father of the incumbent governor of the state Mr Nyesom Wike was set on explosive devices allegedly carried out by suspected IPOB member, a proscribed group in the Eastern part of the country.

Quickly a call was placed to a police station and they hurriedly mobilized personnels to the church, on getting there three people were arrested and it was reported no lives was lost in the incident.

The three suspect namely, Progress Owudinjo, 37, from Etche, Rivers State; Apuro Victor, 25, from Ebonyi State; and John Okorie, 38, from Abia State.

After the suspect were interrogated by the police, they made it known that they were members of IPOB and a certain Chinedu sent them the mission to set explosive device on the structure, see what two of the arrested men has to say.

Owudinjo said,“We got there in the night and we detonated the explosives. This is the first assignment I am carrying out since I joined IPOB. I have not killed before. I was told that if I did not join the operation that I would not get anything in the group.”

Victor said“The whole thing was programmed. We were sent by one Chinedu. I don’t know where he came from. I am a member of IPOB but we were not programmed to kill anybody but to throw dynamite. Please, forgive me.”

From the confession of these guys, it seems they were in the dark about the magnitude of the assignment they were asked to carry out and the implications if they were eventually caught.

The government of Nigeria should do something more concrete to eradicate IPOB entirely before they degenerate into another Boko Haram.

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