“Please help, Why Is It That I Only Attract Old Men?” – Lady Cries Out

In our world today a lot of issues and problems of individuals have been settled on social media. You find people coming to social media asking for help in specific areas of their lives.

Today on Facebook a lady identified as Maryann Tosin came on Facebook to seek help. In her post, she said she needed help and she asked why she has always attracted older men, she also said she is tired of hearing men old enough to be her father calling her baby.

See Facebook Post Below;

What do you think might be the cause? Isn’t she beautiful enough for younger men like her self to admire her? taking a closer look at her she might still be a teenager?

See more of her photos below;

According to a reaction to her post on Facebook by one of her friends, her packaging has passed that of her mate and that she should have fun with these men.

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