Please Help!!! I’m Pregnant For Our Pastor And My Husband Impregnated Our House Girl

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Hello, this is my true story.

Please keep me anonymous, I’m here for advice, not public ridicule.

Two years ago, I got married to my handsome husband in Lagos after we dated for three years. Throughout the three years that we dated, my husband never cheated on me, not for once, I didn’t cheat on him to, but on few occasions, I contemplated on cheating on him just to have fun.

Our marriage was sweet until the day my mother came to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with us (this was two weeks after the anniversary date), my mother made us realise we didn’t have any child when she asked to join me in making dinner in the kitchen. The cooking was supposed to be fun with her, but she had other things in mind.

While cooking, my mother said I should look around the house and asked how many of us were in the house, I told her we were just five – myself, my husband, her (my mother) our house girl and the gateman. Surprisingly, she called me a fool and asked if my husband and I gave birth to the house girl and gateman?

Then I knew where she was heading too, my mum reminded me that our wedding has clocked a year without any baby crying and disorganising the house, I told him we’ll have kids and that our wedding was still very fresh; I need to enjoy my husband before having kids; she called me a fool again and called my husband, accused him of not firing me very well on the bed, that if he was, he would have gotten me pregnant.

My calm husband just laughed and humbly replied her that he was going to try harder and put in more effort, I felt embarrassed and I began ranting to her that I would die if my husband put in more effort because he’s always exhausting me in bed. Two days after, my mother left for her house in Lagos Island.

Months after she left, I told my husband we should go for medical checkup, which he agreed to because he always wants to see me happy. The doctor said there’s nothing wrong with any of us and that our wedding was still very new. The doctor looked at us and asked for our age; I told him I was 25 and my husband 29 years; the doctor laughed and said we should only be worried if our marriage was five years; he calmed us and we left.

Few weeks after, my mum started calling again, and I told her the doctor said there was nothing wrong with any of us that we should be enjoying ourselves until our marriage clocks five years. My mother screamed and said it was time to go see a pastor because I was under a spell! I was confused and said to her that my mother-in-law wasn’t complaining about us not having kids and he has never for once disturbed me about pregnancy, but my mom was the problem.

As an obedient daughter, I went to see our pastor, who was very much older than my husband. He too told me the same thing the doctor said, he prayed for me and asked me to go in peace. While he was about to walk me out of his office, his phone rang, he asked me to wait at the reception, but I decided to wait behind the door. The caller was his wife who was in Canada, he was very romantic with her on the phone and said he missed her since five months ago that she left Nigeria.

The following week, I went to the Pastor with a thank you gift, he appreciated it and I left. I was frequently visiting him because I like the way he advised me and how he talked to me like a father because I lost my father when I was 3 years old, the fatherly advice kept me going back to him.

Truthfully before I got married, I do fantasise about being with elderly men who are old enough to be my father, knowing that our pastor was without his wife for over five months kept me going back just to see how it would be on bed with the old man.

Meanwhile, while I was doing this, my mother was calling my husband, disturbing him for baby and told him he couldn’t bear a child. Whenever we returned home in the evening, my husband would call me to tell me all my mother said to him. From there I started thinking maybe he couldn’t impregnate a woman truly. Gradually our home started changing, and we started quarrelling about almost everything.

One evening, I called our pastor and he said he wasn’t feeling too well that he wasn’t at church, I asked if I could check him at home, he said no, but I insisted and went to his house. Truthfully, I went there to seduce him and he fell for it. We started sleeping together and it happened twice before I realised I had betrayed my marriage vows.

Before our pastor fell ill, I quarreled with my husband and we didn’t sleep in the same room for weeks, I didn’t know he was already suspecting me. Days after I stopped seeing our pastor, our gateman told me my husband hasn’t been happy and he was drinking and playing seductively with our house girl. I never thought he could sleep with the girl, but he did and got her pregnant.

The day I knew our house girl was pregnant for my husband was the day I decided to test myself too and I discovered I was pregnant. My husband impregnated our house girl and I am pregnant for our pastor.

Now I don’t know what to do, should I confront him for impregnating our house girl or tell him the truth about my pregnancy. I don’t want to abort this baby, please help me, I don’t know what to do.

What do you think?

Written by Shadrack Ebisco

Welcome to Mc Ebisco, I am a blogger and a comedian in Nigeria, My aims and objectives are to share knowledge and varieties of news and information across the globe.

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