Please Never Watch These 5 Movies, While Your Parents Are Around.

Good day readers, I will like to show you the 5 movies you should never watch in the presence of your parents, to avoid problem, so relax and read carefully.

Well, sometimes you hear about an exciting new movie, and you can’t wait to watch it in the internet or even buy a copy, then you will realize that they have not release the full video. You will only see the trailer in the internet, you will watch it many times, and even getting anxious to see the full video. Then the full video will be released and you will rush to get your copy without even knowing what the movie is all about.

That’s the way of life we all put on even as expecting some correct and fascinating movies. But there are a lot of movies you don’t dare to watch if your parents are around, because you will probably get yourself into problem. But you will still go in search for these sort of films and then you will watch them when they are no longer around. However, I believe that some of us have been caught before red-handed, and some are wizard in terms of hiding it.

Well, in this article, I will be showing you four movies that are not necessary to watch in the presence of your parents, because it might get you into a serious problem.

Most Parents believe that some mature movies will tarnish their child’s innocence and deliver the wrong message into their children. It is understandable that many mother and father believe that sexually rated videos can have an effect on a child to make rash or bad decisions that will affect them. However, every mom or father have to be allowed to make that determination privately; there is no need for some restrictions, but to avoid problem, please don’t them when they are around.

List of movies you should not watch in their presence are.

1) 50 Shades of Grey trilogy (2011).

Fifty Shades of Grey has attracted criticism due to its depictions of BDSM, with some BDSM participants pointing out that the e book confuses the exercise with abuse, and offers it as a pathology to be overcome, as well as displaying incorrect and maybe dangerous BDSM techniques. You can go and search for the meaning of “BDSM” your self and you will be surprised. This movie has some sexual scene, so you are advised not to watch them, or even keep them where your parents will see it.

2) 365 Days(2020).

This film is probably the worst film I’ve ever seen. The dialogues between the most important characters are unbelievably cringy and the plot actually does now not make any sense. Don’t watch this film when your parents are at home except you want to waste two hours of your time just to defend yourself in front of them.

3) Blue Is The Warmest Color(2013).

This French film acquired wild quintessential acclaim upon its launch in 2013, I believe that you may have heard about it, the French hold looser attitudes than Americans. As such, this film aspects a ton of raunchy scenes, some of which involve excessive schoolers. You are advised to watch this movie alone, to avoid them embarrassing you.

4) A Perfect Ending.

This is one notable film, and this movie is also not the type of movie you will watch while squeezed between your dad and mother on their cough as they exchange knowing glances over you.

5) Pirates Stagnettis.

The pirates is the worst of all I have mentioned, It is a film full sexual rated scene from the beginning of the movie, till the end. However, if you go on to watch this movie and you are caught, just know that you are a serious problem, that is why you are advised not to watch it when your parents are round for your safety.

what do you think about this, share your opinion and experience, if you have been caught before by your parents.

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