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Plumber Stabs Customer To Death After She Asked For A Discount

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A 43-year-old plumber whose name has not been revealed in Kazakhstan has allegedly butchered his customer for asking for discount.

Information gathered that the man after killing his client then brutally stabbed his client’s mother and neighbour.

The plumber stabbed Inna Murzaeva to death and also attacked her mother and their male neighbour who had tried to protect the women.

It was revealed that Inna died on the spot, while her mother and neighbour remain in a critical condition and the plumber has been arrested.

The horrifying incident occurred in the city of Almaty, in the north-eastern part of the country, on September 4.

Further information revealed that the deceased invited the plumber to her apartment after finding him online.

However, negotiations between the two of them led into a quarrel after Inna asked the man to lower price for his service.

The argument got out of hand and the plumber pulled a homemade knife from his pocket and attacked Inna and her 63-year-old mother, reports said.

The noise of the woman alerted a man living next door who immediately rushed to their aid and was badly stabbed as well.

An eyewitness said to local media: “The man was holding a homemade knife-like weapon with blood dripping from it. We called the police and an ambulance.”

Inna died before the arrival of paramedics.

Her friend Oksana Feller said: “Inna’s throat was cut open. She had no chance to survive the assault.”

Two other victims were rushed to intensive care in critical condition with severe injuries.

Local health authority spokesman Timur Yermashev commented: “One of the victims received stab wounds in the left ventricle of the heart and lungs.

“Another victim was stabbed multiple times in the face, neck and arms.”

Police got a description of the suspect from witnesses and detained him less than an hour after the incident.

During interrogations, the suspect said: “I grabbed the knife and thrust it into her [Inna’s] body. Before that, I had never hit women even with my fist.”

Acting Chief of Police Tanat Nazanov confirmed the incident, saying: “The suspect attacked the women during pay negotiations after they began to bargain.”

“He was charged with murder and taken into custody.”

The man faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

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