Police Arraigned Suspect Who Lured And Murdered Prospective Corp Member In Benue State, See His Face

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Operatives of the Nigerian police force in Benue state have arrested two suspects who allegedly conspired to lure, defile and murder a prospective corp member in Benue state, the suspects (name’ s withheld) were arrested after operatives of the Nigerian police force in Benue state, placed a tracker on the phone line which was used to call the victim who was an online cloth vendor, and ordered for her to deliver goods at the location where she was murdered.

You’ d recall that earlier in the week, the tragic news about a prospective corp member identified as Joy Onoh, a young entrepreneur and a prospective corp member who was gruesomely defiled and murdered by some unknown persons whe went deliver her wares to in Makurdi, Benue state.

It was learnt that the young lady who graduated from the department of Mass Communications in the Benue State University, it was learnt that Joy was preparing to go for the mandatory one year NYSC Service after she had been mobilized when she was murdered. It was learnt that the suspects under the guise of buying her products in a large quantities, lured Joy to her death after they called her to deliver her wares to them at Federal Low- Cost Estate, in North Bank area of Makurdi in Benue state.

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It was learnt that the suspect’ s after luring the victim to their lair, defiled her and then gruesomely murdered her after which they dumped her corpse in a nearby bush inside the estate. However, according to some informations we gathered, it was learnt that two of the suspect’ s who committed the crime have been arrested, it was learnt that the suspects were arrested through the help of neighbours who provided security operatives with vital informations about the suspicious activities of the suspect’ s on the day the young lady was murdered.

According to a eyewitness account, it was learnt that the suspects were traced back to their hideout by the use of their footprints, as it rained heavily on the day the young lady was murdered, and the entire area was muddied because of the rain which helped to record the footprints of the suspect’ s.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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