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Police Arrest 12 For Kidnapping, Conspiracy And Robbery In Niger


The Niger Police Command said 12 people were arrested on charges of conspiracy, robbery, assault and kidnapping. Police said they will bring all suspects to court as soon as the investigation is complete.

Command also said several suspects were arrested for inciting robbers in various parts of the state.


State Police Commissioner Kuryas said Monday when the separatists turned over the suspect to reporters in Mina on Saturday. Kuryas said police patrols arrested Mohamed Bela and Nuru Umar from their vehicles on the safe highway on the Maker- Mokwa road.

According to him, the car was searched and two AK- 47 assault rifles, two AK- 49 assault rifles, 16 magazines, 417 rounds of 7. 62 caliber and 150 rounds for RPGs were found. He claimed that the suspects had confessed to the crime and that the pistol of a man named Yellow from Mohwa had been confiscated by Sokoto.


Investigators also said that officers from the Svashi Police Department in the New Bus District arrested Habib Sani in the village of Kanti, Mashgu District.

During the investigation, the suspects confessed that the same village (now liberated) breeder Vilya had handed them weapons for transport respectively from Gufanti to Borg N1000 to the village of Bulus.


The Boso police intervened and headed to the gas station, where Umar Mohammad, a solid fuel trader in the village of Kusashi, and Adam Atiku, a police officer at the Mina Boso Estate, were arrested.

” During interrogation, the suspects confessed to the crime, while Umar Mohammed claimed that he sold the petroleum product to motorcycle operators, ” the commissioner said.


The commissioner also said that all suspects would be arraigned as soon as investigations were concluded.

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