Police Arrests Man Who Abandoned His Car For 5 Years, Read What Was Found Lifeless Inside His Car

What hurts a mother the most is losing his/her child to the hand cold of death or her Child dying before her, as we all know death is inevitable, nobody knows when death can come at you, it can come like a thief in the night or anytime. But this case differs a lot as it is unverified how this woman’s children died and landed in this man’s car, A car that was abandoned five years ago surprising.

There a recent news making rounds on the net of a man arrested by the police after two lifeless children were found inside his car.

According to Aproko Tv, a woman who had been searching for her kids for the past three days (Thursday-Saturday), later found her two kids in an Unknown car, but it was their dead bodies that were seen in this car.

According to reports the two kids’ names are Kelvin and Fega Izakpa and their widow mother is a Hair Dresser, she’s been taking care of her kids are singlehandedly.

After investigation from the police officers the owner of this car was finally located, he is said to the manager of one LG Showroom at refinery Rood, warrior.

The suspect by the name Eniku Aghogho revealed to the policemen why he abandoned his car for five years and it been there since then, in his words “my car has spoiled/Faulty that why I abandoned the car there since all this while”

Let take a look at these pictures.

Facebook users took their time to flood the comment section with mixed reactions on this issue, majorities think this is a setup and urge the police officers to investigate well, while some blew hot on the Deceased mother and grandmother, that why couldn’t they start looking for their missing children earlier until it was after three days later and other reactions.

Opinion: It only God that has the final say, and knows the truth who killed this child, and if he is about to be implicated, I pray the Lord gives the family of the deceased the heart to mourn over this painful death.

What is your take on this, doe this man has a hand in it?

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