Police Arrests Youths Who Collected 1 Million Ransom And Still Threaten To Kidnap Man And His Family


The Kano State police command reported on Saturday, October 16, that operatives apprehended three youths who threatened to kidnap a man and demanded N2 million in exchange for N1 million in cash.

Particularly alarming is that two of the three young people involved were teens who threatened to kidnap the man and his family if N2 million in ransom payments were not made by a certain date.

a team of detectives from the state police command responded to a report submitted by the man at the police station and detained the three youths: Salihu Usman, 24, Mubarak Aliyu, 18, and Sahibul Husna Auwal, 17 years old.


In Kano City, the three young men allegedly called a man on his phone and demanded N2 million from him to stop them from abducting him and his family.

The man claimed to have received a second phone call from the same folks, this time informing him of his location and threatening him with kidnapping if he didn’ t pay up. He allegedly bargained with the kids and paid N1 million as a result.


As stated by DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa of the state police command’ s Public Relations Unit, even after the three teenagers paid him, they contacted him again and requested more money.

Upon learning of what had happened, the man went to report it to the Sharada Phase II Police Station where detectives immediately went to work and used the information they had amassed to find the three young men. They promptly arrested there


According to the statement, the three teenagers admitted planning to kidnap the man and demanding N2 million after their detention and interrogation. They also stated that they had N1 million in cash from him.

A police investigation into the three teenagers is still ongoing, according to the statement, and they will then be brought to justice in a court of law.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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