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Police Officer, M.A Kaura Don Save Woman From Mob Attack In Abuja Afta She Insult Protesters & Dey Wan Panelbeat Am

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One senior police officer, M.A Kaura, on Friday inside Abuja bin rescue one woman from mob wey dey vex onto how she insult dem along Airport Road.

Di woman as dem yarn bin insult di protesters when she bin tell dem say di demonstration bin dey unnecessary and na waste of time.

Di statement vex participants inside di protest, wey con pursue am inside one attempt to panelbeat her up.

E take di intervention of di policeman, wey dey for di scene of di incident, to save di woman.

Di protesters, wey bin occupy and block di highway since morning, bin vow to pass di night on di road.

We gatz remember say Inspector-General of Police, IGP M.A Adamu, NPM, mni bin ban di personnel of di Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) and oda Tactical Squads of the Force including di.Special Tactical Squad (STS), Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Anti-Cultism Squad and oda Tactical Squads wey dey operate for di Federal, Zonal and Command levels, make dey no carry out routine patrols and oda conventional low-risk duties – stop and search duties, checkpoints, mounting of roadblocks, traffic checks, etc – with immediate effect.

In addition, no personnel of di Force dey authorized to embark on patrols or tactical assignments with mufti. Dey gatz always appear inside dia police uniforms or approved tactical gear. Di IGP directives dey come against di backdrop of findings by di leadership of di Force wey one few personnel of di Tactical Squads wey dey hide unda di guise to commit all forms of illegality, contrary to di Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement wey dey establish di squads.

Specifically, di IGP don warn di Tactical Squads against di invasion of the privacy of citizens particularly through indiscriminate and unauthorized search of mobile phones, laptops and oda smart devices. Dem gats concentrate and respond only to cases of armed robbery, kidnapping and oda violent crimes when di need arises.

Di IGP note say di FSARS and oda Police Tactical Squads remain one critical component of di Force in confronting prevailing and emerging violent crimes wey dey country. He however don condemn every act of unprofessionalism, abuse of human rights and high-handedness by some personnel of di Squads. He therefore bin don oda di X-Squad and di Monitoring Unit to embark on sharp sharp and ogbonge nationwide monitoring of activities of Tactical Squads and oda police officers on di road. Dem dey to ensure sharp sharp arrest, investigation and prosecution of all erring police officers wey violate dis directives and oda extant regulations of di Force.

Di IGP don equally warn, dat henceforth, di Commissioner of Police in charge of FSARS, Commissioners of Police in charge of State Commands and di FCT as well as dia supervisory Zonal Assistant Inspectors General of Police, go dey held liable for any misconduct within dia Area of Responsibility (AOR). He therefore con charge dem to ensure effective supervision and mentoring of di personnel of di Tactical Squads unda dia jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, two operatives of di FSARS and dia civilian accomplice wey dey operate inside Lagos State, INSPR Sale James, INSPR Monday Uchiola and Okechukwu Ogbonna, don arrested by di Lagos State Police Command, for acts of profeshunal misconduct wey include extortion and di intimidation of innocent citizens. Di operational vehicle of di men bin also dey impounded and disciplinary procedure don already commence against di defaulters.

Di IGP bin reaffirm him commitment to bequeathing to Nigerians, one reformed Police Force wey dey accountable, responsible and eva ready to defend and uphold di rights of di citizens while e dey discharge im duties of keeping the people safe and secure. He bin enjoin di citizens make dey no allow di misconduct by one few personnel of di Force to negatively impact on their belief, confidence and trust inside di Police.

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