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POLITICAL BETRAYAL! ! ! IPOB Exposes Southern Politicians Secret, See The Crimes They Have Committed

Screenshot 2021 09 20 at 20 37 26 Scooper News POLITICAL BETRAYAL IPOB Exposes Southern Politicians Secret See The Crime...

IPOB members have stated that the youths in the southeast community are good people who do not belong to any secret cults or get themselves involved in illegal activities. IPOB alleged that many of its people have been killed in the past even though the group members are peaceful and nonviolent. Meanwhile, the group claimed that a lot of innocent people have been killed and arrested in the southeast by security operatives even though they are not criminals.


According to Daily Post, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra have sent a strong warning to politicians in southeast Nigeria. In the message, the group urged the politicians to stop arresting youths and labeling them members of IPOB. IPOB claimed that many lives have been wasted by the Nigerian security agencies due to the order given to them by leaders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and southeast politicians.


Buttressing his point, IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful alleged that many youths have been killed in the past months, and those who killed them are the Nigerian security operatives. According to him, he said the order to kill the innocent youths was given to security operatives by southeast politicians and members of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.


Part of his statement read ” After the senseless killing of our innocent brothers in southeast Nigeria, we the members of Biafra nation have written to the appropriate authority to warn them against killing our people. Innocent people have been killed after being labeled members of Biafra. We will not stop attacking the Fulani people and warning them against coming to our region for whatever reason. ”


” The police commissioners in the southeast zone must warn their officers against killing innocent people. Many of our youths have lost their lives all because the politicians in the southeast want to acquire power. We have been betrayed by those who call themselves our leaders due to their desire for power. We urged the security agencies to leave our land and let the members of IPOB serve as the security agencies in the region. “


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