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Poll: Support For Legal Marijuana Hits New High

While marijuana remains illegal in many states, overall, more than two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of marijuana nationwide.

Sixty-eight percent of American adults supported legalizing marijuana in the latest Gallup poll looking at the issue. That’s the largest group of support for legal marijuana ever, according to the history of Gallup measuring support dating to 1969. Support for legal marijuana didn’t exceed 30 percent until 2000, in Gallup polling.

Breaking the poll down by age group, the lowest support for legalizing marijuana was among those 65 and older, even though a majority in that group still supported it. Looking at education level, those with a college degree supported legalized marijuana by a 76-24 percent margin while those without a college degree supported legalization by a 64-36 percent spread.

Looking at the poll by party ID, ideology and religious service attendance found Republicans do not favor legalization by a 52-48 percent margin. A similar percentage of conservatives, 50-49 percent, also do not want marijuana legalized. Finally, those who attended a religious service weekly didn’t support legalization, 52-48 percent.

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