Poly Ibadan: Cause Of Male Student's Death Revealed
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Poly Ibadan: Cause Of Male Student’s Death Revealed

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Poly Ibadan: Cause Of Male Student’s Death Revealed

Abdulazeez Adedeji, the president of the Student Union Government(SUG), Ibadan Polytechnic has uncovered the cause of an undergraduate student, Oromidayo’s death.

Oromidayo, from the Civil Engineering Department of the institution, was found dead on Sunday, May 15 in his room, and his partner, Aramide barely alive.

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While some linked the young man’s death to excessive sex, Adedeji said that might not be true that he was killed by generator fumes.

He said:
On Sunday, the two of them were together at the hostel when the incident happened. When I got to the hostel yesterday (Monday), I realised that the fumes emanating from the generator were coming directly into his (Oromidayo’s) room.”

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