As A Poor Guy Who Don’t Have Money To Give A Girl, Do These Simple Things To Win A Girl’s Heart

Simple ways to win a girls heart even if you are poor.

Today I will be sharing a simple tips any man should do if he truly loves a girl but he don’t have money to take care of her.

  1. Humble

At first the most important thing a guy needs to do to win a girl heart is been humble

  1. Been unique

Never lie to a girl or try to hide your real identity from her, always let her know who you really are and if she truly loves you she will like your present status.

As a poor guy who fall in love with a girl above his class, the only thing he need to do is by letting her know everything about him.

  1. Buy her gifts with the little you have: I know some girls don’t accept gifts from men, but trust me even if you know what you going to give a girl isn’t that important to her, just buy it and give her.

  2. Your dressing matters: it is not easy for a poor man to buy expensive clothes, so I recommend to cheap ones that he can afford, as long as a guy is neat a girl will surely like him.
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