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Pope Francis Has Reacted To The Killings & Death In Africa, Read What He Said

Sovereign ruler of Vatican City and head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has reacted to the incessant manslaughter, killings and death in Africa.

The Pope made his thoughts known via his official Twitter handle while reacting to the sad news of a massacre that took place in Burkina Faso.


At least 132 civilians including 7 children are believed to have been murdered in cold blood by Islamist (Jihadis) on Friday night in Burkina Faso. An attack that has been termed the country’s deadliest since 2015. The gunmen burned homes and villages market.

Pope Francis reached out to the people of Burkina Faso through his tweet, urging for prayers to be said for the victims of the violence in the country.


He went ahead to end his comment by calling for peace in Africa as a continent by saying “Africa needs peace, not violence!”

The killings and violence in African countries have skyrocketed in recent times and the Pope who is an emissary of love & peace through christ is greatly troubled with these events.

It’s high time other religious leaders take a cue from the Pope and preach the message of love and co-existence to their followers. There cannot be growth and development in Africa with incidences like this.

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