Popular Personal Shopper Who Gave Davido 10K Dirhams Dashes Billionaire, Mompha 1. 6 Million Naira


Lincon is a Dubai- based personal shopper. He became popular after approaching Davido at Dubai Mall where he sent him 1. 6 million naira(10k Dirhams).

The Personal Shopper is currently making rounds on social media as he gives billionaire(Bureau D Change) operator, Mompha 10k Dirhams.

Gossipmilltv reports that, Lincon visited Mompha who’ s currently ill and dashes him 10k Dirhams.

According to the video that was posted by popular Instagram blogger, GossipMilltv, Mompha was seen hailing him for giving him 10k Dirhams.

Mompha said, ” E bring my own 10k come as get well soon package” . Returning the favor, Mompha advertises Lincon’ s business on his official social media handle.

Lincoln became a well known Personal Shopper after his kind gesture to Davido. Davido Immediately followed him on instagram. Also, he experienced an increase in Instagram followers.

This moment sparked reactions online as Nigerians sent different opinions.

Obinna said, ” Omo it’ s good to be generous but don’ t go broke trying to be popular. No do pass your yourself o” .

Princess said, ” His face shows that the thing is not from his heart. See how he scattered the money on the table” .

Holy Spireet said, ” This guy knows what he’ s doing. I like him” .

Olayide said, ” Same 1. 6 million he gave Davido, hmm. My Yoruba sense of thinking is telling me something else” .

Just Nazy said, ” Davido don bring this guy out” .

Armstrong said, ” This kind of People no get house or investment for Nigeria” .

Zeez said, ” 1. 6 million don turn to urgent 2k, omo hustle and make plenty money o” .

While some Nigerians see it as a marketing strategy others feel he’ s just wasting money.

Before now, Lincon wasn’ t known on social media. The luxury personal shooper is taking advantage of his new found fame to boost his sales. Since he rose to fame, he has done massive giveaways to fans.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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