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The Position Of Your Legs While Sitting Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Body posture says a lot about someone’s personality, or body language. While it’s important to understand the benefits of portraying a good body posture in front of people, we should also know that it also plays a vital role in body language.

Here is what your sitting position reveals about your personality:

The Ignorant Ones

A person with such body posture depicts that; he/she may not be able to face-up with the challenges and difficulties in the society. This type of people thinks that not attending to a problem, or running away from those problems is the key to getting rid of it.

Nevertheless, these type of people are charming, creative and interesting and a bit childish sometimes.

The Dreamy Ones

People who usually sit like this have a dreamy behavior. Most times they have an idea about different things in life, due to their incredibly vivid imagination.

They are not interested in boring routine life, as they tend to love traveling and making new friends.

Living Comfortably

These type of individual would never compromise in any situation, even if it means going out of their own way just to make things comfortable for themselves. They’re quiet particular when it comes to buying clothes and perfumes, though they tend to be disorganized sometimes, they also know to work in a disturbing or mayhem environment.

Discipline Is The Key

Individuals who sit in this have a enormous desire for discipline, they detest people who show up to work late often. They don’t quite express themselves openly, more so, they don’t have time for emotions. They tend to be introverts, find it hard to socialize.

Their Own Kings

These individuals are never in a hurry, and they quite comprehend the fact that everybody has their own time. Looks is what really matters to these individuals as they tend to invest a lot on it.

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Which of these is your sitting position?

Thanks for reading!

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