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Pregnant Woman In Tears As Her Husband Fights For His Life, Check Out What Happened To The Man

There are lot of things happening in recent times most of which are unknown to the world, obviously the victims of these occurrences suffer in silence unless their devastating condition is revealed in the open. Once, A family whose bread winner works as a welder to satisfy the the demands of his wife and children. Mr Donat often works and help in the constructions of certain buildings in the community to earn a living, he has a pregnant wife and despite his condition, he is blessed with seven children.

However, the journey of his life was manageable and convenient as it seemed to him but this all turned out wrong when an unfortunate incident happened to him. Donat was working in a construction site on a sunny day, he almost completed the final stage of his work when he fell from the top of the building and badly hit his head on the ground.

He was hospitalized with immediate effect, The wife revealed that she got engaged with the man regardless of his lack financial stability, still she swept the thoughts of poverty under the rug and went ahead to marry him.

Sometimes the world of fantasy is blindfolded, had i know is a gate to the realities of life. The accident made donat immobilized to the extent that he was diagnosed with a damaged spinal cord. His condition became worse hence prolonging his stay in the hospital. After several months of being hospitalized in addition to struggles in paying medical bills, Donat was transferred home to stay with his family, The man kept fighting for his life on the sickbed as his condition grew worse at home.

Recall that Donat had a pregnant wife and 7 other children whom he catered for, this initiated a strenuous situation when he became paralyzed. The only solution to his ordeal is getting support from people to perform necessary treatments.


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