President Buhari Stop The Wicked Plan. Dino Melaye Reveals One Mistake Buhari Wants to Make

Once again, Senator Dino Melaye has gone on social media to attack our beloved president Mohammadu Buhari concerning the recent fund which he is about to invest into the refineries which are in Port Harcourt as he asks him to back down on that move.

According to Senator Dino Melaye, he revealed that Buhari plans to steal the sum of 750billion Naira all in the name of renovation of the former Port Harcourt refinery which has been abandoned, based on what Dino Melaye said in the video he made, he revealed that the government has spent over 1.6 trillion Naira on refineries in the last five years and not even a litre of oil has been produced and therefore, he urged President Mohammadu Buhari to stop investing important funds into that sector.

Also, Dino Melaye revealed that Nigeria spends over 10billion Naira on the maintenance of these dead refineries which is not in any way helping Nigeria, so therefore, he is asking Mr President to carry out a forensic investigation of the petroleum sector and particularly this calamitous renovation that is about to take place. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I believe that Senator Dino Melaye must have said some really important things which needs to be worked on, but I would love to know your thoughts on this issue, do you think Buhari should suspend the renovation of those refineries for the reason that they are not helping the country or he should continue investing on them, let’s have your comments below.

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