Presidential Mandate! ! Buhari Secretly In Support Of APC Presidential Ticket Zoning To South- East- Osita Ikechukwu


For the sake of fairness and equity, there has been a lot of pressure in recent months for the two major political parties to zone their presidential nominations to the South East. The fact that the area has yet to produce a president since independence only adds to the desire for the Igbo presidency.

While the People’ s Democratic Party appears to be opposed to an Igbo presidency, the current All Progressives Congress appears to be listening to the region’ s wishes. Aside from the possibility that the APC’ s presidential ticket could be zoned to the south, there are signs that it will be micro- zoned to the southeast as well. When the APC hosts its national convention in a few months, the final elements of the zoning formula are expected to be finalized.

According to the Daily Post, some major APC figures are rallying behind the Igbo Presidency 2023 initiative. President Buhari may be discreetly pushing for an Igbo candidate to emerge as the APC’ s presidential flagbearer in 2023, according to Osita Okechukwu, a key figure in the ruling party.

He said this in response to President Muhammadu Buhari’ s meeting with Igbo elders, who urged him to release Nnamdi Kanu. The fact that Buhari is the leader of the APC makes his support important for the election of an Igbo president in 2023. The APC power brokers are persuaded to back any candidate of their choosing or to zone the presidential ticket to whatever zone he likes.

Governor Mai Mala Buni, Chairman of the APC Caretaker Commission, stated unequivocally that party leaders cannot make any decisions without the President’ s permission. That means that if Buhari is mute in his support for the Igbo president, the APC’ s zoning formula will overwhelmingly favor the South East.

This is a really important subject that Buhari and other APC leaders must approach with caution. The South West has made the most sacrifices and investments in APC in terms of both human and material resources since 2013 when the notion of APC was first proposed. All of this was done with the idea that the president would be elected in 2023. If Buhari chooses to support the South East rather than the South West, he must first pacify the area. If this does not happen, the APC may face internal strife.

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