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Primate Ayodele Reveals A Strong Revelation About What Would Happen To The US President Elect, Biden

Nigeria is blessed with great men of God, men who do prophecy and it comes to pass.

One of them is the INRI Spiritual Leader, Primate Babatunde Emmanuel Ayodele, he his widely known by many Nigerians for usually laying down prophecies which do come to pass.

Reports has it that primate Ayodele has foretold a strong message about the president elect of the United States of America, Joe Biden. Joe Biden was confirmed by the United States Congress as the duly elected President.

The prophet said ” I want to congratulate US president elect on his confirmation by the Congress as the duly Elected president of the United States. Indeed it was not an easy battle to fight and by God’s grace, he has overcome. Amidst the celebration, I want to advise how Biden to his health seriously with prayers.

I foresee danger coming out from his health, only prayers can make him win the battle over his health. He needs to pray fervently about it”

This is really a strong message from the primate of INRI Spiritual church to the president elect, Joe Biden.

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