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Why Is Prof. Chukwuma Soludo Jealous of Adaora Umeoji?

It has come to our notice, the many sponsored attacks on Adaora Umeoji and Zenith Bank Plc by the camp of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo a fellow Governorship aspraint of APGA- recent events has revealed that Soludo has commissioned his team and numerous Hirelings to push unsolicited propagandas against Chief Mrs. Adaora Umeoji, whose only sin till date is being blood related to the leading All Progressives Grand Alliance party, APGA, Gubernatorial Aspirant for November 6 election, Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Michael Umeoji KSJI.

Prof. Soludo who should be writing his congratulatory message to Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji KSJI who is already leading the road victory ahead of the APGA party primaries on the 23rd June, is instead playing a dirty game that would consume him.


It is sad that a man of Prof. Soludo Calibre could not run his campaign on track records, quality and verifiable antecedents that are in the surface nor even attempt an issue based consultation, rather politics of calumny, character and image assassination, and other defamation.

The drowning Soludo must be told in plain language to exonerate Zenith Bank Plc and Chief Mrs. Adaora Umeoji from the expected humiliation that awaits him at the forthcoming APGA primary.

His jealousy for the Umeoji family should not drive him crazy, it is an age long human investment which they made, unlike Soludo who can not be remembered for any good news in his immediate Isuofia community.
Again, the politics of the Umeoji had existed long before the emergence of Zenith Bank Plc. There father late Sir Andy Umeoji was a menber of the State House of Assembly in the Old Anambra under NPN. The late Sir Umeoji was also a two term Chairman of Aguata Local Government under Colonel Mike Attah, so many years before Zenith Bank came on board.


Prof. Soludo who Dr. Ngọzi Okonjo-Iweala described as the worst CBN Governor ever in the history of Nigeria should look for another propaganda than the name dropping of an innocent Woman who has continued to use her position and good office to better the lives and lot of many Aguata and Anambra Youths through employment.

What can be deduced from the fabricated lies, defamtions and propaganda from Prof. Soludo is his jealously for Chief Mrs. Adaora and the Umeoji family that has become a household name.

Chief Adaora Umeoji is not a politician, she is not interested in any politics in Anambra State or anywhere, rather she’s focused in helping her organisation achieve their aims and objectives in the country.

Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji Media Office.

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