Prof Usman Yusuf, Ex NHIS Boss Says Anti- Open Grazing Law By Governors Are Unconstitutional - Mc Ebisco Prof Usman Yusuf, Ex NHIS Boss Says Anti- Open Grazing Law By Governors Are Unconstitutional - Mc Ebisco
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Prof Usman Yusuf, Ex NHIS Boss Says Anti- Open Grazing Law By Governors Are Unconstitutional


Previous Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Usman Yusuf has announced that any enemy of open brushing law passed by any lead representative in any piece of the nation is unlawful and illegal.

In a meeting with VINCENT KALU, the Professor of Hematology- Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation said open eating of steers isn’ t Nigeria’ s concern. He likewise clarified why he went with Sheik Gumi to have conversations with crooks across six woodlands.


A few months prior, you kicked against the choice of the Southern lead representatives to boycott open eating of steers. However, some conventional rulers in the North have likewise thought of against open brushing strategy in their spaces. What have you to say to that?


We have 36 states. What’ s more, if every one of the lead representatives come out to say, we boycott open brushing, they need to realize that it is unlawful, invalid and void, as opposed to Section 4 of the Constitution of Nigeria.

The Attorney- General said that much. It isn’ t the South or the North; the boycott is unlawful. We went toward the South- West; we went to Oyo State and afterward to the hinterland of Kwara, where the Fulani have lived for ages with networks.


You are disclosing to me that the uncertainty in the South- East, South- West and South- South is a result of open touching? It is simply lawmakers carrying things to cover their shortcoming.

Open brushing isn’ t the issue; the issue is the defilement and terrible administration in the 36 states.

What arrangement do you proffer for the security circumstance in the country?


Nothing will flourish in any spot without security; security is central, it is more than anything. All the six geo- political zones have security issues. You need to wonder why, and afterward go to the main driver of them. The main driver of the security challenges in the North- West, North- East is not quite the same as that of the South- East, South- West and South- South.

I have consistently said that issues are nearby and arrangements are consistently neighborhood. The huge plans from Abuja won’ t ever work; they’ ve had a battle throughout the previous six years in the North- East. So we need to discover locally what is the issue in every one of the political zone and you can’ t do that from Abuja.

You can just do that by affecting individuals that are on the ground. Who are individuals that are on the ground consistently? It is the customary rulers, the local area pioneers, the priests and the seniors of the local area. They are the ones with individuals.



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