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The Prominent Politician That Died In A Plane Crash Yesterday, See Photos of His Beautiful Wife

It is indeed a painful moment for a woman the moment she loses her husband to the cold hands of death. No matter how rich you are or the value of wealth he left behind, The woman will surely be sorrowful after his death if she truly loves him. I can’t imagine the kind of pain this billionaire’s wife will be going through right now, but I pray God will see her through.

According to reports some hours ago, a prominent French billionaire politician Olivier Dassault lost his life to the cold hands of death yesterday after a plane crash. He was not the only one who died as a result of the plane crash, but his pilot was also a victim of this. He died leaving a very beautiful woman who is his wife and a gorgeous daughter. Below are some photos of the beautiful wife he left behind:

May his soul rest in peace and may God give his wife the heart to bear this.


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