Before You Propose To A Girl You Love, Ask Her 3 Questions To Know If She Truly Loves You

Many men have been shock in a relationship for many years now, and most of them are still thinking if they should propose to their girlfriends now or is it too early to do that. Don’t be surprised to see that some men are afraid to propose to the girl they love because she may reject the marriage proposal.

The fear of being turned down have break many relationships, whereby making the ladies to put the blame on the man’s head without knowing most of them are still afraid of been turned down. Haven’t you seen where a man proposes to the lady he loves in the public, but the lady in question will say no to him and he will be disappointed.

Now tell me why such man won’t be afraid to propose to another girl he finds? So today am going to help you by giving you the three questions you need to ask the girl you love, to see if she also loves you the same way you do and to know if the love is genuine.

So Ask Her These Questions Below before You Think Of Proposing To Her, See The 3 Questions below.

1. First Of All, Ask Her Why She Chose You Among Other Guys That Are Coming For Her: A girl that truly loves you will not hesitate to give you a clear answer at that spot without wasting any time. But a girl that doesn’t love you will try to manipulate a confusing answer and will still lie about it.

2. Ask Her If She Minds Been With You To The End: Now, a girl that is not serious will tell you that when the time comes, can you see you have indirectly proposed to her without her knowing about it. Tell me why a girl that claims she loves you won’t say yes or give you a good positive answer.

3 What Will Your Parents See Me As? When I Meets Them For The First Time: A girl that is in love with you, will say good about you by representing her parents at that spot even without hearing from the family members. But a girl that is not in love with you, will say her parents are warriors, who don’t take things lightly. Can you see she has given you an indirect warning not to think of that.

This is all I have to say, because a word is a enough for the wise, so is your own turn to talk under the comments section and don’t forget to share to other people who didn’t read it here.


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